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Wedding Trends for 2023

As someone who has worked in the wedding industry for nearly ten years, I have seen tons of wedding trends come and go. Some trends were horrible — talking to you, bouffant bridesmaid hairstyles and others not so bad. 

How do you know if a wedding trend will age well or not? Well the reality is that we can’t truly predict what will go out of style, but we can make some educated guesses. Here are 8 wedding trends for 2023 that I think will age with grace and give you some really fun and timeless images from your wedding day. These trends are all ideas that have gained popularity within this last year and their momentum is going strong.

champagne towers

Pouring champagne onto a massive tower of champagne flutes gives such a fun, old-Hollywood vibe to your celebration. Just remember to have your party face on while you pour (not your focus face). This trend is very on brand for us (just peep our biz name), so if you’re planning on doing this tradition, give us a call!

elaborate florals

We are seeing a shift away from simple greens like eucalyptus and hydrangeas to bouquets and arrangements that are bigger, bolder and more elaborate. Category is: lush and romantic and nothing achieves that aesthetic more than a bunch of gorgeous flowers! I’ve loved seeing these elaborate florals used really creatively — like asymmetrical arrangements on tables, flowers mixed with fruits and larger floral installations for the ceremony backdrop, escort display and hanging from the reception ceiling.

35mm film with flash

This wedding trend is specifically photography related! As celebrities begin to take a more editorial approach to their wedding days, we see those efforts repeated in the masses. A huge editorial trend in celeb weddings lately is the use of 35mm film with a strong front flash. This aesthetic gives a nostalgic, cool, more gritty vibe to your images.

having a close friend or relative officiate

I love this trend! In recent years, couples have been asking a close friend or relative to get ordained before their wedding so they can perform the ceremony legally. It’s very easy to get ordained online! This trend means that someone who knows you well can officiate your ceremony and that’s very special.

unique desserts

Instead of cutting up the actual wedding cake for dessert, we see couples opting for unique dessert options for their guests like a churro cart or boba tea. There are endless possibilities in this category and it can be as simple as a melange of baked goods to an actual food truck. 

audio guest books

I just started seeing this trend, but it is exploding (thanks to tiktok). Instead of having your guests sign a guest book, the company After the Tone provides a cute vintage phone that will make audio recordings of your guests. All they have to do is pick up the phone and leave a voicemail. What a fun and playful version of a guest book!

live bands instead of djs

More and more, I see couples hiring a live band for their reception in place of a traditional DJ. I can’t tell you how big of a difference it makes to have live music — it’s tough for guests to resist busting a move and can keep the dance floor full all night.

changing into a reception outfit

Obsessed is all I can say! A ton of our couples are choosing to change into a more casual outfit for their dance party and it looks so cute in the photos! Not to mention, the guests are always excited to see another fun fashion choice from you.

What other wedding trends would you add to this list? Tell me in the comments section below!

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