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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas | February Trend Report

Can you babes believe it’s February!? That’s right, Valentine’s Day is almost here! I’m replacing this month’s trend report with some Valentine’s Day date ideas. I know, I know, this holiday can hold a ton of cheesy, lame memories for many of us or even embarrassing moments we’d rather forget. But before you stop reading, can I share a little V-day history with you? #Nerd4Luv

the legend of st. valentine

Although the specifics around the history of Valentine’s day and the patron Saint Valentine are somewhat of a mystery, February has long been celebrated as a month of romance in Western culture. Legend has it, during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius II, marriage was outlawed for young men because the leaders believed that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and children. #Sexist #NotCoolBro … was exactly what St. V said! (In so many words). Valentine made a habit of marrying young couples in love in secret and when he was caught, was killed for his actions. Cue the music … “I believe in a thing called love! Just listen to the rhythm of my heart!”

is valentine’s day worth the hassle?

Restaurants are expensive and crowded. There’s so much pressure. I feel obligation to buy chocolate and flowers and ugly jewelry all of a sudden. Slowwww your roll, my friend. Lemme give you a few simple reasons that I think will convince you otherwise.

don’t celebrate on the 14th.

You said it yourself — restaurants hike their menu prices, reservations fill up months in advance, and literally every table is full & the waiter is lingering for his tip before his next big ticket arrives. Simple solution? Celebrate valentine’s day on a different day! My bae and I plan on snagging a reservation at our fave SF restaurant next week (over a week before v-day) to get our fancy on.

eliminate tech

No matter what you do to celebrate or where you go, make a commitment to eliminate technology. Turn your phone on do not disturb or off and just talk. This can be a bigger romantic gesture than a box of chocolates and a dozen red roses combined.

write a love letter

Most love letters these days come in the form of text messages or public instagram declarations of love, but what’ll truly swoop bae off their feet is a hand made letter. We get to save and cherish these things – I have a whole box of ’em from Chris (that’s my boo in case you didn’t know) who scribbles notes on anything from the back of a receipt to a perfectly designed & formal letter. These are some of my most prized possessions to this day.

plan a romantic night in

I love at-home date nights because I love to be cozy in my PJs and snuggled on the couch. Light some candles and turn on a little Italian Jazz for some ambiance during dinner, then enjoy a glass of wine with your Netflix binge.


If you’ve got a little bit of wanderlust, but not a lotta days off, take a staycation and spend the night at a gorgeous hotel in the town you live in. Grab a drink, order room service, take a bubble bath & have breakfast in bed before you go back to work.

self-care for each other

This can be as elaborate as you make it. It could mean you book massages at the best spa in town, or maybe it means putting face masks on each other, taking a goofy selfie of it and ending the evening with a foot massage.

go on a second first date

Revisit your first date spot for Valentine’s day this year! Take a trip down memory lane and talk to each other about what was going through your heads at every moment. Being in the place you first met may even trigger a memory you had long forgotten.

Final Thoughts

Embrace the cheesiness of this sappy little holiday (ESPECIALLY if you’re engaged) because, ya know what, it’s fun! Happy Valentine’s day to you and your Bae!!

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