Summer Wedding Color Combos That Pop on Camera

You’ve locked in the perfect venue and now you’ve got to decide what you want your wedding to look like! A piece of this puzzle is choosing a color palette that will come through in your flowers, linens and wedding party attire. I’m here to guide you towards a few Summery color combos that I looooooove to photograph and think will look beautiful for a long long time.

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Tangerine + Mustard

This combo packs a punch! I love how Jillian paired these colors with a softer, mauve-y peach color to soften the brightness. This palette just screams fresh-squeezed citrus and feels so fresh.

Bubblegum + Lemonade + Tomato

Can’t you just feel the Sun on your skin with this color palette? The bubblegum pink and bright lemonade yellow is a classic combo, but the pops of tomato red make the design feel modern and vibrant.

Coral + Magenta

Bring in a tropical vibe by mixing magenta and coral. It’s still a variation on pink, but one that takes you out of Spring and into Summer.

Turquoise + Basil

Hosting a poolside wedding? Think about the way the turquoise water has an impact on your overall color palette. I love the bright, colorful tone the pool adds!

Blush + Lapis

Adding a rich blue tone feels like a Summery spin on the ever popular Blush color. Instead of pairing with gold accents, try the look of copper. Who doesn’t like a Moscow Mule in a copper mug, am I right?

Chartreuse + Peach

Can I just say that I’m obsessed with chartreuse right now?! The color that falls somewhere between lime green and highlighter yellow has me swooning. Not to mention how happy it looks next to some gorgeous peachy tones.

Terracotta + Rose

Maybe it’s the years I spend growing up in the desert, but I’m a sucker for terracotta. Paired with a creamy rose, you’re destined for a Summer wedding paradise.

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