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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

I am beyond excited to share this article that I wrote for Ruffled Blog with you all about how to choose the wedding photographer of your dreams! After planning my own wedding, I can fully understand how easy it is to become overwhelmed as you are choosing your vendors & making sure you have the right fit. If I had to get married again, I definitely would want to know the questions to ask your wedding photographer.

That’s why, I’ve put together a list of questions to ask your wedding photographer before you sign on that dotted line and book the one. Selecting a wedding photographer is one of the most important wedding decisions you’ll make. You’ll be spending your entire wedding day with this person – you’ll probably even spend more time with them than your partner on your big day, so it’s important that it’s someone you’ll want to be around.



When you begin your search for your photographer, think about how you want your images to make you FEEL. Do you want them to feel Classic and Traditional? Edgy and Moody? Vibrant and Joyful? Answering those questions alone will help you narrow down your options as you scroll through each portfolio. Don’t let trends sway you from what you want!


When you’re looking at a photographer’s portfolio, try to identify their style or unique voice. If you’re seeing a lot of inconsistency in the photos and the editing style and can’t articulate their “vibe”, that’s a tell-tale sign of an inexperienced photographer.


Once you find a photographer you are interested in, ask to have a sit-down meeting with them if they haven’t already suggested it. I know this sounds time consuming and it’s so difficult to find time in your schedule with work and wedding planning, but it will be so worth your time.

When I meet with potential clients, the first thing I do is all-fun, no business. I ask you about who you are and how you met, what your plans are after the wedding – in this time, I get more insight into who the couple is and if they’d be a good fit for what I offer.

During this time, be asking yourself – Am I enjoying this meeting? Does it feel awkward or easy? Again, connection with your photographer is MAJORLY important! After you get to know each other, it’s your turn to fire off any questions you have. Here are a few that I recommend you ask:

What’s your general approach to photographing a wedding?

Do you have a favorite part of the wedding?

Can we book a second shooter with you if we’d like more coverage?

How many hours do you include in your contract? What else is included? How do you payments work?

Once the wedding is over, what happens? How do you deliver our images?

Can we do an engagement session? What would that look like?

Do you shoot film or digital?

If my wedding is out of town, will I incur additional charges?


In the end, you have to go with your gut. Choose the person that makes you feel excited about your wedding, that fits in your budget, and someone you’re confident will deliver.

xoxo, jess

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