Personal Brand Photos for Actress and Comedian, Ivory Kellogg

I was lucky enough to meet Ivory through my husband, Chris, who is good friends with her husband – also Chris! They go way back – we’re talking in-a-band-together, way back. Ever since we moved to Pasadena, we’ve deepened our friendship. It’s been a huge source of joy, meaning and laughter in the midst of a pretty crazy year!

Ivory is insanely talented and funny – a Groundling (yep, the theatre/comedy school that Kristin Wiig is an alumni at!), an actress and all-around entertainer. I’m so excited to see this girl’s career skyrocket!! We snapped this random slew of photos that will function to showcase her quirky personality throughout her website as a support to her headshots. 

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Photography | Jess of Cheers Babe Photo

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