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OUR FIRST Associate Photographer – Christa!

Okay, if you follow us on Instagram, you guys know this news already, but if you’ve just been following along here on the blog or joined us recently we have BIG NEWS to share with you! But first, I need to introduce you to my good friend, Christa Norman.

Our first Cheers Babe Associate Wedding Photographer - Christa!

Christa & I met in college where we both studied fine art photography and became fast friends. Our friendship only deepened when we both chose to pursue wedding photography for our careers. Choosing similar paths helped us to stay in touch with one another even though both of us have moved around a bit since we were in school. Over a year ago, we were emailing about styled shoots & our thoughts on them & bouncing ideas back and forth and we realized … um, this is super useful to have someone to talk to about business and our work who totally GETS IT, let’s make it a priority! So since those emails began, the two of us started a monthly FaceTime call that we call “biz bestie” calls where we cover all sorts of topics that are affecting our businesses and lives and help keep each other accountable to our business goals. I cannot tell you how important these calls have become to me. Like, being able to be vulnerable about what’s truly going on in your business and having someone to help you problem solve & work out your ideas is truly priceless. Side note, I’ve literally been counting down the months until we both are living in SoCal so we can switch from FaceTime to in-person biz bestie time (8 more months)!!

Since this August, Christa’s been on a year-long sabbatical from wedding photography – taking a much needed break and pursuing an amazing adventure (living in Japan for the year!) with her husband, Kyle. The time away has given her lots of time to process her thoughts & feelings about her business & I’ll just go ahead and let her tell you in her own words …

From Christa:

Over the last year or so there has been a shift within me and I started to grow out of my dream of running a wedding photography business without even realizing it. It was hard to notice because I love my relationships with my couples and telling their stories. But the craft of wedding photography only makes up about 10% of actually running a wedding photography business. And this spring when I started my second business, a fine art shop (Christa Norman Studio), I realized I didn’t loathe the same business tasks when it came to my fine art shop in the way I did for wedding photography. ⠀

After moving to Japan, and having time and space to think, all of the above became very clear to me. I deeply desire to live an unhurried life. While being a wedding photographer is a beautiful and fun job it could never be described as unhurried. So I decided it was time to let go of the beautiful dream I had outgrown and forge a new path. ⠀

I am excited to be on the Cheers Babe team just get to do the part of wedding photography I love. Not to mention Jess, the owner of Cheers Babe, is one of my closest friends and has the same heart for serving couples as I do!

Oh – BTW, spoiler alert! Christa is joining the Cheers Babe team as our first Associate Wedding Photographer! (Of course you knew that from the title of this blog post😂). Early on in my business, I dreamed of one day building a team so I’d be able to serve even more wonderful couples each year. I am beyond proud to announce that my dream is beginning to come true because the ultra-talented, garden-genius, always smiling, Christa, has joined the Cheers Babe team as our first Cheers Babe Associate Wedding Photographer!

Christa is booking for late August 2020 – December 2020 couples now, so please reach out on our inquire page to chat with us about your wedding! She’ll primarily be serving our Orange County couples but is also available for travel outside of OC from time to time. Below are some samples of her BEAUTIFUL work!

Cheers Babe Associate Wedding Photographer, Christa - Available in Orange County Cheers Babe Associate Wedding Photographer, Christa - Available in Orange County Cheers Babe Associate Wedding Photographer, Christa - Available in Orange County Cheers Babe Associate Wedding Photographer, Christa - Available in Orange County Cheers Babe Associate Wedding Photographer, Christa - Available in Orange County

Click here to peek at MORE of Christa’s work on her GALLERIES page!

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