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How to Pop Champagne for Photos

Welcome to How to Pop Champagne for Photos 101, my friend! You’re probably reading this because you want some fun photos of you & your boo thang in full celebration mode — popping a bottle of bubbly. (Or you’re a photographer trying to nail that shot!)

champagne sip gone wrong

You’ve come to the right place hunny! I’m Jess, the founder & lead photographer at Cheers Babe Photo. Yes my business is practically named after this activity because I’m here to help you capture the biggest celebration of your life – your wedding

Girl popping champagne in front of bright yellow wall

Now, whether you’re popping champagne at your wedding or your engagement session, there are just 3 things to keep in mind.

  1. A good shake
  2. good aim and
  3. A good attitude

Sidebar: Unless you are a baller millionaire, don’t use your best champagne for these moments. By popping and spraying a bottle of champagne you can lose like half of the bottle & how sad to waste your tastiest bubbles rather than sip them!

Okay back to business. Remember: shake, aim, attitude. You’ll need to give the bottle a very strong shake. Then you’ll aim the bottle so the cork is facing upward at about a 45 degree angle and jussssst to the side of the photographer’s camera (if you point it too far to the side of the photographer, we won’t be able to capture your happy faces!).

Most importantly, your attitude. You want a celebratory photo, not a scared to get sticky photo, so don’t pull your face back in fear, rather smile, laugh and embrace the fun, sticky shower. Here we go! These are all the images you’ll want to capture during this super fun moment:

The big POP moment

Couple Popping Champagne on the beach Couple Popping Champagne at the oakland port

The Aftershock (aka the champagne shower)

Couple Popping Champagne in Santa Monica Couple Popping Champagne at the beach

The Classy Sip (who needs a glass?)

Couple Drinking Champagne out of the bottle

The Happy Bubbly Pour

Couple pouring champagne

The “We do this every weekend” walk

Couple walking on the beach

The Cute Cheers Moment

cheers with champagne

The Kiss & Cheers

cheers with champagne cheers with champagne

That was so much fun & now you know how to pop champagne for photos! If you want to remember this for later, be sure to pin any of these photos. CHEERS!

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