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How to Have the Most Fun Wedding Ever

Alright babes. You’re engaged. You and your honey have begun those late night chats about how you want your wedding to look, who you want to be there, where you’ll tie the knot, and you may come across this topic together:

We wanna have fun at our wedding.

Our guests wanna have fun at our wedding.

How can we make our wedding the most fun wedding ever?


As a self-proclaimed Queen of Celebration (and attendee to a LOT of weddings), I’ll give you some insight. These are a handful of ways you can be sure that you’ll have a bank full of memories and your friends won’t be able to stop talking after the wedding.

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+be yourselves

This may seem cliché or obvious to some of you, but regardless it needs to be said. Stop worrying about what pinterest says makes the prettiest ceremony backdrop. Stop worrying about how your great aunt will think about your non-chapel venue. Stop worrying about literally anything that distracts the two of you from your dream wedding. Infuse your love story, your history as a couple into your design and be true to your everyday style.

+do a first look

Not only does a first look before the ceremony give you a quiet, private moment with your BFF on the most exciting day of your lives together, it allows your photographer to get a lot of your other portraits finished early. You can finish family photos, bridal party photos and even a handful of just the two of you. What does that mean? You guys get to your reception (and your guests get to your reception) earlier. Win for all.

+keep your guests comfortable

Will your cocktail hour take place during the hottest part of the day? Think about how to offer your guests some shade or perhaps provide little handheld fans. Maybe the short walk between your ceremony to your reception has quite a few stairs. Think about how your elderly guests can be provided an alternative route. It’s the little things that people notice, and making peoples lives easier gives them absolutely nothin’ to complain about.

+make sure there’s enough food

You may be more worried about keeping people buzzed with alcohol and how much you’re spending on the table wines, but I’d argue that hungry people are worse than sober people. Keep your guests fed! Give them a little something to snack on when they arrive or at cocktail hour and serve a delicious, balanced meal.

+arrange seating thoughtfully

We’ve all been here before. You find out you’re at this awkward table with 7 other people you’ve never met and everyone you know at the wedding is either in the bridal party or the table next to you. Bummer, right? Make sure you take into account everyone’s feelings in your seating arrangements. It’s much better to squeeze an extra chair in so that guest doesn’t feel left out than making sure every table has exactly 8 chairs. Seriously – you’ll never notice that table has 9 chairs in the photo, I promise.

+keep toasts short & sweet

Talk to your parents and bridal party about the length of time they’ll have the mic. This doesn’t mean you demand that each speech is exactly 2 minutes and not a second longer! Hello, bridezilla/groomzilla. No, simply let them know that you’d like to keep the evening’s timeline moving so your guests can get on the dance floor and if they’d like to say a little more, you’d love to hear their kind words at the rehearsal dinner. (Not even kidding, I photographed a wedding where the groom’s brother spoke for 30 minutes. 30! Not the time bro, not the time).

+have a lounge area

Not every one of your guests will be a dancing party machine. Provide a small lounge area away from the dance floor where those who’d rather chat with old friends over a glass of whiskey to hang. They’ll be so relieved.

+photo ops

We live in an Instagram world. When we attend weddings, we practically expect at least one instagrammable moment. Provide a space for your guests to scratch the insta-itch with a cool decor wall or a photo booth. Bonus points for creating a hashtag for your big day so your guests can follow along with everyone that attended.

+fun, engaging exit

People love to be active participants. Plan for a fun and engaging exit with sparklers, bubbles or confetti!



Sometimes being able to have a super fun wedding means choosing a photographer who fits you the best. Read my article about how to choose the right person for your vision and questions to ask them before you book!


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