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Should you hire a photographer for your welcome party?

Our couples go back and forth making this decision: to have photography coverage of their welcome party, or to rely on their guest’s iPhone pictures. Your welcome party or rehearsal dinner is typically a much more relaxed and casual event than your wedding will be, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a special and memorable part of your wedding weekend!

Here are 6 reasons to hire a photographer for your rehearsal dinner or welcome party:

For your family & friends’ comfort in front of the camera

Having photography coverage at your welcome party allows your family & wedding party to develop some comfort in front of the camera just like you had the chance to at your engagement session. 

A moment to capture the introverts

Often at rehearsal dinners or welcome parties, toasts are given by the quieter, more introverted people in your life due to the smaller group size and their comfort level with public speaking. These are special moments to have captured!

For tons of candid photo-ops

These events tend to be more casual when it comes to the schedule, which can create a ton of candid photo-ops of you with your guests, where on wedding day you’ll be a bit busier. 

To capture your cute welcome party outfits!

I’m gonna bet that you and your boo bought some fire outfits for that welcome party — you’re gonna want some profesh’ pics of those!

A chance to share your story with your loved ones

You can take the opportunity to share the “meet cute” with your guests who may not know your whole love story as a couple. 

rehearsal dinner photos by Cheers Babe

The welcome party has way less pressure than your wedding day

Overall, it’s a chance to have some more casual images from your wedding weekend with way less pressure than your wedding day has. In our experience, these are among our couple’s favorite images from their whole celebration.

It’s a win win! Personally, I LOVE when couples book us for their welcome party because I love getting to know your family & friends. After all, a marriage joins two families together and they are a huge part of this celebration. Getting to bond with them as well as you is priceless to me!

At this point, I think we can agree — rehearsal dinner photo coverage is a big YES! Reach out today if you want us to capture these once-in-a-lifetime-moments for you!

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