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This is a place you can feel free — free to not have it all figured out, free to mess up, free to finally invest in yourself.

What’s my coaching style? I’m not the type of coach that’ll try to make you a clone of myself or only share what’s worked for me. Nah, I’m the coach who will give you the skills you need to feel confident building the business of your dreams.

I'm so excited you're here!

Introducing an in-depth masterclass that’ll make you into an editing magician. We’ll swap magic spells for the magical technology of Lightroom and leave you feeling like you could actually fly.

From speeding up your workflow to creating a signature editing style, I’ll teach you how to create the kind of work you’ve always dreamt of.

Edit Like Magic

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“Jess did an exceptional job teaching a subject that was so intimidating for me and made it approachable and fun.”

— Priscilla Arias, Edit Like Magic Student