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In Defense of the First Look

Should we do a first look? 

This is always on the top list of questions my clients ask me & today I’m sharing why I LOVE first looks along with the multitude of benefits choosing to do one can have on your wedding day. I have photographed weddings with and without a first look and each way is lovely and special. In case you’re wondering what a first look is, we are talking specifically about the moment the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Traditionally, this is done at the ceremony when the bride walks down the aisle with her dad. Modern weddings created the “first look” where the bride and groom take time before the ceremony to see each other and have that special moment privately. Here’s why I recommend going this route:


A modern first look is quite literally the ONLY moment the two of you will be alone on your wedding day! It’s the perfect time to get out those pre-wedding jitters, take a deep breath together, look into each others eyes for a moment and say, “omg, we’re getting married today babe”. I always approach the first look with some distance at first. I allow my couples to take it all in, hug, kiss, cry, whisper, pray, laugh, whatever feels right to them for that moment, because it’s theirs. Only after they’ve had some time do I begin directing photos again. These photos always end up being some of my clients very favorite pictures.

In Defense of the First Look by Cheers Babe Photo In Defense of the First Look by Cheers Babe Photo


Since you’ve seen each other before the ceremony, that allows us to push up the photo timeline pretty significantly. It means we can get ALL of your bridal party photos done as well as your immediate family photos. Why does that matter, you ask? Because after your ceremony, all we’ll need to photograph is your extended family and some sunset photos & you and your guests are off to your reception! Your guests will love that they didn’t have to wait through a 2 and a half hour cocktail party while you took photos before they got a bite to eat & you’ll likely actually get to enjoy a bit of cocktail hour mingling with your guests.

In Defense of the First Look by Cheers Babe Photo In Defense of the First Look by Cheers Babe Photo

Stress? Boy, bye.

Because you had a quiet moment with your honey early in the day and your timeline is moving so smoothly, your stress level (and that of your planner, photographer, and videographer) is much lower. Because of this, you’ll enjoy the day more and we’ll be better suited to serve your needs throughout the day.

In Defense of the First Look by Cheers Babe Photo In Defense of the First Look by Cheers Babe Photo

my heart! <3

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