It’s time to make Lightroom your bestie.

It’s time to make Lightroom your bestie.

It’s here! Edit Like Magic is the photo editing deep dive you’ve been dying for. It’s time to start creating the work you’ve always dreamt of. 


This course is an in-depth masterclass that’ll make you into an editing magician. We’ll swap magic spells for the magical technology of Lightroom and leave you feeling like you could actually fly.

From speeding up your workflow to creating a signature editing style, I’ll teach you how to create the kind of work you’ve always dreamt of.

Welcome to
Edit Like Magic.

Sound magical?

“I spend way too much time editing”. 

“I can’t get my colors to look the way I want them to”.

"I want quick and consistent edits but even with presets I struggle to achieve that”. 

“I’ve bought so many presets and none of them seem to fit my photos”. 

“I want a start to finish workflow and time management hacks”.

"I want my photos to speak for themselves".

Or maybe these sound familiar?

When I first started, I’d spend hours at the computer only to feel like I’d barely made a difference on my images. I even have a formal education in photography at the university level, and STILL editing photos was the bane of my existence. A never-ending task with an outcome that always left something to be desired.

I didn’t always have it all figured out or dialed in either!

That all changed when I took the initiative to invest in myself by learning how to master each and every tool in Lightroom. 

but guess what...

An in-depth masterclass that’ll make Lightroom your new BFF. This course will change your relationship with editing and empower you to create your best work — the work you’ve been dreaming of. 


Edit Like Magic

-My complete editing workflow from import to export
-Time-saving tips so you can speed that workflow up
-Demonstration of the main editing tools in Lightroom
-In-depth color correction
-Color stylization
-How to use the tone curve
-How to properly use sharpening & noise reduction
-Healing & cloning to remove distractions
-Advanced masks (including the Dec '21 update!)
-Editing for consistency
-Getting accurate skin tones
-How to use presets
-Developing your own editing style
-Creating your own custom presets
and so much more!

What's Included:

You're in the right place.

You’ll learn how to streamline your editing workflow, how to implement keyboard shortcuts, how to do color correction like a pro, how to uplevel your images using Lightroom’s most advanced tools, how to make your photos look consistent no matter what light you shot in, how to get glowing skin tones, how to use and create presets and how to export your images so they look their very best. Learning ALL of these things will help you to feel empowered and confident while you edit and you’ll finally be thrilled to share your photos with the world.

What if you could get your life back —you know, the one away from your desk?

Imagine what's Possible

Would you feel the kind of excitement you felt when you picked up your first DSLR?



Could you build a portfolio that’ll have your ideal client knocking down your door?


Would you kick that self-doubt to the curb and finally feel proud to share your work?


I am so so happy that she’s offering this course to share her years of experience! The demos are so informative and it feels like you’re right there with her in a 1:1. She encourages taking the time to really play around and explore all of the tools, to develop a personal style. I really feel like, regardless of experience level, everyone could benefit from deeper exploration into editing, workflows, and creative style.

— Renee

“Jess is the absolute Lightroom q u e e n 

One of the worst parts about editing is how much time we spend doing it! I’ll guide you through my workflow from import to export and share tons of time-saving tips along the way. Gone are days spent dragging your feet to your screen & procrastinating your way through your galleries. 

We deep dive into each editing tool lightroom has to offer, including the most underutilized tools like the tone curve, color grading and advanced masking. You’ll learn how to achieve the exact color, depth, tonality and mood you’ve been craving for your images.

Here's What You'll Learn



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Whether using presets you’ve purchased or building your own from scratch, you’ll finish this course knowing how to create an editing style that’s wholly and uniquely your own.


feature four

The one thing that will set you apart as a photographer is consistency. When you can make your edits look consistent, no matter the lighting scenario, people will recognize your work even before they see the photo credit. There is an entire module on consistency in the course!


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I'm Jess, your guide.

The Scottie Pipen to your MJ. The Hermione to your Harry. I’m here to guide you towards editing freedom. 

Not only do I have a degree in fine art photography, I have a decade of photo editing experience under my belt. What’s my coaching style? I’m not the type of coach that’ll try to make you a clone of myself or only share what’s worked for me. Nah, I’m the coach who will show you how to use the tools so proficiently that you can create the images (and the business) you’ve been dreaming of.  

With me as your editing guide, you can say buh-bye to editing burnout and hey girl hey to the work you’ve always dreamt of.

Hey there!

“I can confidently say that I am no longer intimidated by editing. That is major for me! Trust me, you will be glad you invested!”

Priscilla found her editing groove:

“Ginny encouraged me to finally go out on my own and start my own business. I don't regret it for a second!

Steven Started his own biz


real results

Save time, edit faster and get some freedom back in your life.

Gain confidence in your editing skills and become a lightroom magician.

Start charging more for your work because it's so dang polished & professional.

Have a clear editing workflow in place so you can focus on your business and taking things to the next level. 

Develop a one-of-a-kind editing style so you stand out in the crowd.

Be able to attract top-tier clients with your new portfolio.

By the end of Edit Like Magic, you will...


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