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Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner?

ONE THOUSAND PERCENT YES. You really need a wedding planner. Periodt.

The question to ask is WHY do you need a wedding planner and how can not having one impact your day?

You Need a Wedding Planner Because Planning a Wedding Yourself is Stressful

The first thing to keep in mind as you are envisioning the months you’re engaged is that there is limited time. Time is our most valuable resource! You and your fiancé both have full time jobs already (most likely), and planning a wedding yourself can feel like it’s own 9-5 commitment.

Your engagement should feel like a super fun and exciting season of life full of joy & celebration. When you choose to DIY your wedding plans, the season will likely be marked by thousands of emails, phone calls, arguments, negotiations, late nights and you guessed it … a lot of stress. Stress is obviously something we want to avoid in general, but especially as we lead up to our wedding! We want to feel well rested (and look well rested — remember our skin and body react physically to stress hormones).

Because Wedding Planners Know How to Budget for a Wedding Strategically

Most of us are operating on some type of budget for our wedding celebration. You might assume that you can save money by not hiring a wedding planner and saving the cost of their fee. While that’s possible for very small, uncomplicated weddings, it’s actually not that financially beneficial for couples planning an event with more than 3 vendors.

Since wedding planners have relationships with all types of vendors — from florists, photographers, videographers, DJs, furniture rental companies, tableware rental companies, catering teams, and more — and can often connect you with the best fit for your event based on the look you’re hoping for all while taking your budget into consideration.

Most planners will use your budget as a starting point so that you don’t become overwhelmed by costs and you know up front what you can afford. That way you don’t fall in love with a vendor that’s out of your budget.

So rather than a wedding planner’s fee putting you over-budget, hiring one might actually help you stay on budget!

You Need a Wedding Planner Because They Can Be a Great Liaison with Your Family

Oftentimes, wedding planning goes hand in hand with family drama. So many families have big expectations for this event that may even be different than your own. Hiring a wedding planner gives you a professional liaison to communicate your hopes and expectations with your family.

They Handle Everything so Your Friends Don’t Have To

Have you ever been in a wedding party and were asked to set up name cards or move wedding gifts or essentially work on the wedding day rather than enjoy the party? Not fun! Give your friends & family the opportunity to enjoy the wedding weekend by taking these to-do’s off their plate. A planner can organize every detail and delegate the proper vendors for set up and general event logistics.

You Need a Wedding Planner Because They Will Communicate With Your Vendors For You

Tell me what sounds ideal: Spending the final week before your wedding drowning in logistical emails with your vendors going through timelines and seating charts and feeling overwhelmed by the little things OR knowing that your wedding planner is handling all the last minute communication with your vendors while you relax with your fiancé, go to your final beauty appointments or begin welcoming out of town guests in? I don’t think I need to answer that for you.

The Wedding Day Will Feel Grounded and Organized … you know, PLANNED.

These people are called planners for a reason! They are detail oriented and design driven and they will have your back on wedding day. Instead of feeling worried that every detail will come together, you know you have a designated team that’s handling everything — from major to minor.

Since they have it covered, you are able to feel grounded and present on your wedding day.

A Quick Note About Venue Coordinators vs. Wedding Planners

Many venues boast the perk of their in-house venue coordinator. Someone who can be called upon to help you with tasks like setup, teardown, basic timeline, and other entry level wedding tasks. Your venue will make this sound like it’s this all-inclusive planning perk and you might think you have a wedding planner. I assure you, you do not!

A venue coordinator is there on behalf of the venue, not the client. It’s their job to make sure nothing gets damaged and the venue staff all gets to clock out on time. This person works for the venue, not for you, so they don’t always have your best interests top of mind (even though they may be a super kind & helpful person).

If full planning service isn’t in your budget, consider smaller packages that some planners offer like 6-month, 3-month, or even 1-month coordination and planning. Every little bit goes a long way — trust me!

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