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Colombia with El Camino Travel

One day, I was scrolling through my instagram feed and a photo popped up: my friend Jodee looking too cute posing next to a pink vintage car and the photo was location tagged in Cuba! And I was like whoa, dats cool sis. I talked to Jodee and was like, “What brought you to Cuba? Tell me more!” She told me she was there photographing this amazing trip with this travel company called El Camino — they curate these awesome trips that are ultra immersive and totally non-touristy!

So I started online stalking El Camino Travel & basically discovered that they’re the coolest, trendiest, but still totally authentic travel company I’d ever seen. Next thing you know, I reached out & I was on the next trip to Colombia!! (there were a few more steps in there, don’t worry, I just don’t wanna bore you!)

We spent the first half of the trip in Cartagena near the coast, which was a colorful dream of a city and the second half of the trip took us to the bustling city of Medellin full of art & Colombian spirit. It was amazing to watch the travelers (many of them traveling solo) bond with each other over the trip and make some amazing memories. Here are some of the highlights!!

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