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The best gallery delivery app for photographers

*I always want to stay transparent with you guys! This post contains an affiliate link.*

There are so many gallery delivery app options for photographers, and I have tested many! Among the ones I’ve tried (Pass, Pixieset, Zenfolio, Cloudspot) I’ve been a huge fan of Cloudspot. I initially switched after meeting the founder at a photography conference, learning that he was a photographer too. That gave me a lot of confidence knowing that my needs as a photographer would be understood and met. I’ll walk through a few of the reasons I believe Cloudspot outperforms other options as well as some of my favorite features!

Price & Storage

Let’s be real. I’ve been photographing weddings for almost 10 years now and I have a team of photographers shooting weddings for us too, so having truly unlimited storage was an essential feature in any gallery delivery app. This means I never have to expire client galleries and my couples can continue using their gallery and purchasing items through the shop. Cloudspot has a competitive annual membership option with unlimited storage that is just $34/month.


We all want to give our clients the best experience possible. That means their gallery needs to be intuitive and easy to navigate. That navigation experience is beautifully designed on cloudspot that we no longer receive questions from clients about how to download or favorite their images.

Not only is Cloudspot user friendly, it’s really beautiful! You can add your logo and brand colors for customization and choose between a few viewing options for your clients. One thing I really love is that they stay humble. Cloudspot does not put their logo on your galleries and their name doesn’t even appear in the url links you send to your clients! Instead you have custom urls with your business name. 

Advanced Analytics

I love to see how our clients are using their galleries! Cloudspot allows you to see images that they have favorited, downloaded and purchases they’ve made from the built-in shop. One practice that’s been helpful for me is to look at what clients have marked as their favorite images on their engagement session. Then I make a mental note of the types of images they’re most drawn towards (maybe the love giggling pics) and lean into those types of directions on their wedding day. So not only is CS great on the back end, it helps me serve my client better.

Prints & Product Sales

This one’s a biggie. They have a beautiful built-in shop that’s completely customizable. You can choose which products are available in your shop, which lab they are printed through, and the amount of profit you want to make on each item. They recently added albums to the shop, which gives my clients a more affordable album option if they don’t want to have a custom heirloom album designed by me. There are even automatic mock-ups available to your client so they can picture their prints in an actual space and choose the right size.

Categories & Portfolio

If you are just starting out as a professional photographer, this feature will be huge for you. You are able to categorize each of your galleries to create an organized, digital portfolio. For me, this feature is useful when a potential client wants to see work only from my associate team. I can send them to the section of galleries that my team has photographed. But if you’re a beginner and you haven’t set up your website yet, this is a great first place to start! If people can see your work, you can book jobs. 

Mobile App for Clients

To be honest, I just started using this feature. At first I was like, why do we need that? And now I’m like, why not? It’s cool! What the feature does is allow you to create a custom mobile app for any individual gallery. This means your couple could have an app on their phone that is a direct link to their wedding photos. No more typing in the url or waiting for it to load. They have direct access that’s much quicker. My process involves sending the full desktop version of the gallery to clients with the high resolution files, and then creating a custom app for them with web resolution files so they can quickly grab a picture for the ‘gram.

And the best news? I have a discount code for you babe. Heyyyyy! Switch to Cloudspot and get 20% off any monthly or annual plan for your first year. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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