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I get so many questions about the gear I use & what my absolute go-to lenses are! Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of my professional photography gear, what my favorites are and how I use each piece.

Professional Wedding Photography Gear List

disclosure: some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Essential Gear / My Absolute Go-To’s

I have 2 Canon DSLR bodies & I like to use them simultaneously so that I can have 2 totally different lenses on and switch between the two quickly. I currently use the Canon 5D Mark III DSLR Camera (Body)& will be upgrading soon to the Mark IV or whatever Canon releases next!

Canon 50mm f/1.2 L Lens [aka my baby!]

Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L [love this lens]– know that Canon recently released a new version of this one –35mm f/1.4L II

My Favorite Memory Cards [write speed is so fast on these, I love them!]

Go buy this Memory Card Case right now! They have versions that are all CF and ones that are all SD depending on what you like to use, but these babies keep me so organized & they are basically indestructible. To make sure I’m only pulling the cards I haven’t shot on, I have a simple system where I flip the card backwards in the case when it’s full so I have a clear visual cue (you can see that in the photo above). Works like a charm!

Canon 85mm f1.2L Lens– gorgeous for portraits & really useful for the ceremony

Etsy leather harness dual camera system [OBSESSED with these! They are similar to the popular brand name ones, but mine has never failed on me and I like that the straps are a little narrower. They fit my frame much better, plus you get to choose from so many colors & customizations!]

Non-Essential Faves

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS Macro Lens [my newest pal for ring shots!]

Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art Lens [awesome for HUGE group shots!]

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L Lens [I rarely use this these days, but it was my FIRST non-kit lens and it was the perfect first lens purchase & super helpful if you plan on doing a lot of second shooting!]

3 Canon 580ex II Speedlites [these have been discontinued, so get the new 600ex II‘s!]

Life-Changing Software

I’ve used Honeybook as my CRM (customer relationship management) software for years and it completely changed how I run my business! I can keep inquiries, proposals, contracts and payments all in one convenient place. Use THIS REFERRAL LINK to get 50% off your first year!

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Jess’s Wedding Photography Gear List


A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Yellow Conference in Downtown Los Angeles. Yellow Co. describes the conference as “a gathering of creative women who are making an impact and using their gifts, skills and talents to serve the greater good. The ones who are willing to roll up their sleeves, step out in courage, and use their creativity for good”. The speakers were so inspiring to me, listening to how they’ve used their creativity, taken ownership of their gifts and calling and impacted lives around them.

The conference was extra fun for me because I went with my gal pals, Lindsay & Praise! We arrived a couple days earlier, hung out in Venice Beach and spent an afternoon on the Swan paddle boats in Echo Park – a highlight for me, I must say 😂. I’ll bring you along on those fun moments below & also share a few of my favorite take-away quotes from the Yellow Conference that I managed to scribble down!

Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo

I even ran into an old friend, Meredith! Love with these things happen 🙂

Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo

The pic below is a welcome from the Yellow Conference founder, Joanna Waterfall, who has put this conference on for the last 5 years! Such a champ.

Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo

“Have respect for things people are doing off of instagram”. – Candice Kumai

Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo

“Spend time on these three things: 1)What you want 2)What you’re good at and 3)How you use your time” – Enid Hwang

Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo

An extra fun fact: The conference was held at the venue I was married at! So fun to go back and explore Hudson Loft & all of it’s new & beautiful additions to the space!

Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo

Also, DTLA has changed so much in the last 2 years! I was floored by how many new skyscrapers were being built.

Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo

“Don’t compare yourself to the person you think you should already be. It’s a trap!” – Alison Faulkner

Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo Yellow Conference by Cheers Babe Photo

Photos | Myself, Lindsay & Praise

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Yellow Conference + LA Recap

Lifestyle, Personal

Ohhhhh, you guys. San Fransisco is such a lovely city. A couple weekends ago I spent just about 24 hours there with my good friend and former housemate, and it was really wonderful. Here are some tips and tidbits of beauty for your next trip there!

1. If you’re driving up from LA, like we did, plan to leave Mid-Morning around 9AM. You’ll miss the morning traffic up the 5 and you’ll beat the evening traffic heading into the city. I loved driving by these yellow windmill-filled hills that afternoon!

2. Stay in the Mission District! We were lucky to crash at Rachel’s brothers place in this neighborhood. It was walking distance to tons of restaurants, coffee & sightseeing, but far enough out of the hustle that it was pretty serene and we got to always walk across a small bridge into the city.

3. Get drinks at Novela. Each of their specialty cocktails is named after a famous literary character. We stopped in after dinner for a drink here and they were having a massive block party!

4. Grab an Iced Coffee or Pour-Over at Réveille Coffee – beautifully designed spot and open late! At night they even have a small corner bar and they project old movies on the wall.

5. Go for a walk and enjoy the gorgeous mix of historic and contemporary architecture!

6. Walk to a French-Style Cafe for breakfast on the patio at Caffe Centro. I ordered a fresh Açaî Bowl & a Latté and since we sat outside, they delivered it through the window! It was adorable! This café was probably my favorite spot on the trip.

Hopefully next time I get more than 24 hours!!!
XoXo, Jess

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Jess, here! Happy to announce a new blog series I’m starting #JLSPinterestPicks!

We all know I’m awesome at blogging on a regular basis. Anyway, it is my honest intention to be updating my journal and providing new content on a much more frequent basis! I have found that with my personality type (dreamer by trade) that giving myself rituals and routines (like a repeating series) is extremely helpful in actually achieving the goals I have. Once I put a pattern in motion, it’s so much easier to follow through if there is a certain rhythm to follow.

Let me know if you enjoy seeing the Pinterest Picks & things that inspire me!


1. Graphic Tile & Flooring

2. Tropical Plants & Cactus on Neutral Clean Backdrops

3. Warm-Tone Portraits

4. Abnormal and/or High Contrast Black & White Portraits

Image Credits in Order: Kasbah Telouet, KW Studio, Vosgesparis, Ilenia Martini, The Copper Sun, Janneke Luursema, Brydie Mack, Infused with Pastels, Claudia Bost, Osman, Hannah Khymych, & Frida Gustavsson

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Inspo, Personal

Today we are beyond thankful for all of the loved ones and strangers who’ve taken the courage to protect this place we call home. We also honor their precious families and acknowledge the sacrifices they made as well. To honor them, I’ve chosen 10 gorgeous American landscapes from the beautiful land we live in.

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