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My Favorite Business Books

Hello again & happy Friday! Over the last couple of years I’ve seen some really exciting momentum in my business & so many business concepts finally “clicked” for me. Now, part of this I attribute to trial and error and showing up every day ready to learn. However, along the way I have read some extremely useful business books & I’d love to share them with you today! I try to read one business book every other month these days & that’s been an invaluable practice for my business. Continual learning has really become a core value of my business because things change so quickly these days & we can literally never know all the things! Here are some of the best books for business that I’ve read & would highly recommend to you!

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Best Business Books // Cheers Babe Photo

Business Books You Have to Read

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Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen

This book is my NUMBER ONE recommendation to anyone running a business! After reading this book by Donald Miller, I literally added an entire new page on my website to clarify the message I was putting out into the world & it’s been a game changer! My favorite part of the book is when he talks about how to position your voice with your audience so that what you’re saying compels your ideal clients. Go buy this book now if you haven’t read it!


Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All

Co-Written by brothers Tom & David Kelley who founded the incredible design firm IDEO where they use creativity to solve major human problems and create positive impact for the world. Although this isn’t technically a business book, if you’re offer a creative service to clients like I do, you’re always trying to solve your client’s biggest problems and improve their experience. The problem is, doing that sometimes takes big risks and can be scary! This book dials down on basically how to think creatively and make bold, creative decisions.


Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

 I’ll be honest – I’m actually only about halfway done with this book, but I HAVE to include it in this list because it’s already that good! As I look into the future of Cheers Babe Photo, I’m super excited to grow my team & this book talks all about how to do that well — all the way from how to hire & what to look for through day-to-day systems to put in place that both motivate your team and grow your business. Definitely pick up this book if you’re thinking about hiring!


This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See

First of all, Seth Godin is like a business genius and has written many books that are worth reading. Most recently I read his book This is Marketing which talks both about how you should be approaching you marketing today as well as how you shouldn’t be, which is so useful! My favorite line in the whole book is about realizing that you’re not a good fit for every client and that is totally okay! — “When we find the empathy to say, “I’m sorry, this isn’t for you, here’s the phone number of my competitor,” then we also find the freedom to do work that matters.” – S.Godin


The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery

While obviously this isn’t actually a business book but a book about the enneagram, I’m including it in my business books list because as I dive deeper into the psychology tool that is the Enneagram typing system, the more empathy I gain for my couples as well as potential clients who end up going with someone else. If you’ve heard about the enneagram (yes, I know it’s trendy right now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great!), this book is a really great place to start & even determine your dominant type!


WorkParty: How to Create & Cultivate the Career of Your Dreams

Part business book & part-memoir by Jaclyn Johnson, the founder of ultra successful Create & Cultivate is a really fun & quick read. Hear her story, her mistakes, her triumphs and best advice for women running their own business today while remaining a healthy & taking care of yourself too!


What should I read next, babe?

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