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Best Palm Springs Wedding Venues

Hello my Palm Springs engaged couples!! How tired are you of googling a million places in this perfect desert town to find picture perfect Palm Springs wedding venues? Probs real tired. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best, coolest, prettiest, cutest, dopest Palm Springs wedding venues that I recommend you visit first! These are fool-proof and gorgeous – sign on their dotted line and call a sista up, because I’m SO there. 🙂

Best Palm Springs Wedding Venues


Want to make all of your Marrakesh daydreams come true? This is your chance!

Colony 29

Yep, this is where Whitney Port got married! SUCH a gorgeous place with alllllll the plants!

Avalon Hotel

Classic Mid-Century Modern design at this perfect hotel – love the black & white of this place.

Ace Hotel & Swim Club

This place brings the party – also has probably the most fun pool scene in the desert.

The Saguaro Palm Springs

Um, hello COLOR!!! I’m convinced this is what the inside of my brain looks like.

Sands Hotel & Spa


O’Donnell House

I love this spot because you get a view from above, which is really unique in a totally flat desertscape! Also, when the bougainvillea is blooming, the ceremony spot is insanely pretty!

Parker Palm Springs

Truly an iconic entrance! MCM for daysssssss.

The Living Desert

You can get married at the zoo! Giraffes, zebras, basically all the fun & cute animals as your wedding backdrop – cute!!

Frederick Loewe Estate

Again, super authentic Mid-Century Modern design & one of the coolest homes ever.

La Chureya

This place is a hidden gem – I didn’t even know about it until recently and I’m like a desert stalker. It’s like a backyard vibe in the desert, super chill.

Twin Palms Frank Sinatra Estate

Once again, super authentic Mid-Century Modern design coolness! Yes, this was actually Sinatra’s house!

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