Weddings are sacred, beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime events. It’s why I take on this work with a great deal of responsibility. 

Your relationships — with each other and your loved ones — are storied and rich. And because of that, I work to capture the depth of those relationships through this approach: authenticity first. On a day that’s marked with meaning, documenting moments with truthfulness and optimism is what brings life and vibrancy to the images. 

Every couple has a uniquely beautiful story that deserves to be captured with intention and a sense of novelty. A formulaic approach won’t cut it. I enter each wedding with a fresh eye, eager to preserve your memories because I understand that these images will become your family history and legacy. 


That legacy is why these photos should do more than just be pretty. They should speak to who you are — showcase your sense of humor, your fashion sense, your strength of spirit, your excitability or your calm, confidence. 

With my expertise in fine art photography and nearly a decade of experience in the wedding industry, I’ll guide you through a seamless experience that will bring you enduring images that you and your families will cherish for a lifetime.

I've also curated a talented team of photographers who share these same values and now serve many of our couples as lead photographers. Having a team allows us to provide our top shelf photography experience to more of you each year. We have a California based team with photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Orange County and Los Angeles.


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about the name — cheers babe

photography that feels like those celebratory moments in life when you say "cheers, babe" to your person.


We focus on the good stuff — the real stuff — the cheek kisses from grandma, the deep breath before walking down the aisle, your best man's side-splitting toast, and of course the sweaty dance floor antics. These moments are the most beautiful and take first priority.


From crafting a custom collection based on your exact wedding needs to building a customized gallery or album, we'll take the extra time to make sure nothing about your experience is "cookie cutter" and that your photos feel so ~you~. 

A Customized
Approach for All

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These three words describe the visual aesthetic of our images — timeless so your photos feel classic for decades to come, vibrant so they feel joyful and celebratory and a touch editorial so you can feel like your very best self.

The Aesthetic:
Timeless, Vibrant, Editorial

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That your wedding is a party, not a photo shoot.


We want you to actually have fun at your wedding. We're there to help that along, never hinder it. We'll work efficiently so you don't miss a moment.

The more fun you have, the more fun your photos will look.

We encourage our couples to be present and experience each moment of their wedding day. It's easy to get caught up in the details, but the more you let go, the better everything will be. Trust us.


This is the time to be a little "extra".


This is a once-in-a-lifetime event — go all out! Always wanted a private fireworks display? A second dress for the reception? A champagne tower?

Now's the perfect opportunity.

Our Work

This gallery showcases the beautiful work from our lead photographers. Jenny, Christina, Isabell, Julie & Julia are gifted photographers and are supportive, compassionate women that you're gonna love to be around on your wedding day. Once their images are created, our private editor applies our signature aesthetic, giving every image a true, Cheers Babe look.

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