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For Brides // 9 Things to Make Sure are in your Bridal Suite

Hello my lovely brides! I know how much you want your detail photos to turn out – they’re some of my favorite images too! Here’s a list of all the must-have items to have in the bridal suite when the photographer arrives. It’ll make your getting ready time seamless & stress-free!


Give Peace a Chance Bridal Shoot by Cheers Babe Photo featured on Green Wedding Shoes

1. The Invitation Suite and any/all other paper goods

The invitation is the most important to get photographed of the paper goods, but it’s always fun to include other items such as your save the dates, name cards, menus, and programs.

2. Your Dress, Veil & a Photogenic Hanger

You’ll obviously have your dress & veil in the room, but one of the most common mistakes I see brides make is to forget that the bridal boutique typically provides a plastic, branded hanger for the dress to hang on. When this happens, I have to try to find a decent hanger in the room, and lemme tell you – hotel hangers (even though they look nice) don’t always support the dress well.

Look for a hanger with pretty details and some type of notch that will hold the dress up by the straps or ribbon if it’s strapless. If you forget, I always have this gorgeous BHLDN hanger in my details kit!

3. Rings – Engagement + Both Bands

It’s easy to think the wedding bands should be with the best man at all times, but before we stress him out, let’s have them in the bridal suite to get the final ring shot and not have to worry about it later. Tip: Just make sure the planner or maid of honor transfers the ring back to the best man before the ceremony.

4. Any jewelry you’ll be wearing

Also don’t forget any family heirloom items in this category or “something old, something borrowed”! If you’ll be wearing perfume, have that ready too!

5. Shoes

Have one of your sweet bridesmaids take them out of their careful packaging so they’re ready to go.

6. Bridesmaid Gift and Gift from the Groom

If you’ve prepared bridesmaids gifts, it’s always fun to capture those – they’re really fun to style. Also, if you will be exchanging gifts with your soon to be spouse before the wedding, make sure that’s in the room as well.

7. Bridesmaid Dresses + A Spot to Hang Them

Have your bridesmaids steam their dresses before the photographer arrives and find a place to hang them all together neatly. It’s a nod to the squad pic.

8. Bouquet

If your timeline allows it, have your florist bring your bouquet to your room. It makes for fun detail shots, but even better, it’s one of those things that gets you SO excited for what’s about to happen!

Bonus points if your florist can bring a few loose blooms, sprigs or ribbon as well that can be used to style the detail photos.

9. Something Bubbly!

Whether you like champagne, mimosas, or rosé, it’s super fun to share a quick toast with your gal pals before you walk down the aisle.

That’s it! Cheers Babes!

If you have more questions about this topic or how to get Jess photographing your bridal suite, Inquire Below!

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  1. Heather Smith says:

    I love how you’ve set up the product shots, like the invitations and jewelry set. Really pretty!

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