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10 Ways to Plan Your Wedding While in Quarantine

Here in California, we’ve been in self-quarantine under the governor’s stay-at-home mandate for about 8 weeks now. Obviously, it’s not super fun especially when you’re trying to figure out how to plan a wedding while in quarantine. But instead of looking only at what we can’t do right now, let’s talk about what we can do! You’d be surprised how much you’re able to complete from the comfort of your own couch.

It SO important to continue planning your wedding since dates are filling up twice as quickly due to Spring/Summer 2020 couples who were forced to reschedule their weddings. Not only are there fewer dates available to snatch up, you have the opportunity to make a massive difference in your vendors lives by choosing to book now. Most wedding vendors are small businesses (often female-run & operated) that need bookings now in order to stay in business and continue serving couples. Think about how good it will feel to support a small business owner during a time like this!

Since I want you to have all the resources at your fingertips to continue planning your amazing wedding day, I’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to plan your wedding while in quarantine. I’d LOVE to talk you through some of these items in a zoom call if you’re looking for extra support, so you can send me an email or DM me to schedule a chat!

10 Ways to Plan Your Wedding While in Quarantine

Virtual Venue Tour

Did you know that many wedding venues offer virtual tours? Since it’s generally unsafe to do physical venue walkthroughs right now, reach out to a venue you’re interested and ask to book a virtual tour.

Another tactic to get a feel for a venue is to look it up on Instagram. There’s a few ways to search a venue on instagram: you can look at the venue’s actual instagram feed, you can search the venue hashtags (ex: #hudsonloft #hudsonloftwedding) or you can even check out the venue on the “places” tab on instagram search to see photos that have been tagged at that location.

Something I often do to search a venue that I haven’t photographed before is a deep google search. Type in the name of the venue followed by the word wedding (ex: hudson loft wedding) and many many blog results should show up. On the first page you’ll see mainly where the venue is advertised (The Knot, WeddingWire, Here Comes the Guide, The Venue Report etc.), then you’ll begin to see specific vendor’s blogs of real weddings that happened at that venue. This will give you a much fuller picture of where a photographer might roam around the entire property with the couple, what the ceremonies typically look like or if there are multiple reception location options.

If you’re close to making a decision, but really feel like you need to see the venue IRL, do a drive-by the venue to see it for yourself.

Vendor Zoom Meetings

Thank the Lord for Zoom, Google Meet & FaceTime, am I right? What a relief hopping on a video chat can be. It’s as close as we can get to a face-to-face meeting these days! As I mentioned before, now is the best time to schedule a virtual video chat with the vendors you’re considering hiring, as postponements are filling vendor’s calendars very quickly. I’m lookin’ at you 2021 couples!!

The first vendor I suggest hiring is a wedding planner. Planners are your lifeline when this process gets tough (that much more with covid-19 is involved!). You can read more of my thoughts on hiring planners HERE.

Once you’ve locked down your venue & a date, schedule meetings to find your photographer and florist. These two vendor types tend to fill up their calendars the quickest, so you’ll want to lock them down asap while your date is still available!

At-Home Dress Appointments

Believe me, I know that trying on wedding dresses at home is probably not what you pictured for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Do what you can to bring the fun energy: get your bridesmaids & mom on a video call and have them all pop some bubbly with you as you try the dresses on.

Here’s some amazing places that offer at-home-try-on for wedding gowns and/or custom dress design:

Lace & Liberty

Daughters of Simone

Dreamers & Lovers

Grace + Ivory


Kirstie Kelly


Ella & Oak (amazing for full-figured brides!)

You can also do this for bridesmaid dresses or your rehearsal dinner look! Revelry, Brideside and many more shops have at-home-try-on options.

Gather & Organize Addresses

Get this nitty gritty task out of your hair. The best part is that since most people are stuck at home, you’re likely to get quicker responses when you ask for addresses.

Start your Registry

Honestly, I remember registering was one of the most fun tasks for Chris & I! There are some great online places to register including Zola, Honeyfund, Target, Crate & Barrel, and Amazon to name a few.

Cocktail Tasting

Okay this one might be the most fun of all! Spend an evening pretending to be mixologists and craft your custom cocktails (you can also pick up ingredients from local businesses like The Whaling Club‘s ready-made cocktail mixers).

10 Ways to Plan Your Wedding While in Quarantine

Work on Your Bridal Party Gifts

Do some research & start ordering a small gift for each of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to give to them on your wedding day. This is such a sweet way to thank your friends for their support and investment in your wedding day.

Start an Inspo Playlist for your DJ

Cue the living room dance party! Every couple has different music tastes, so creating an inspiration playlist to send to your DJ can help them understand the vibe you’re hoping for on the dance floor.

Write Your Vows

Sit down and get sentimental. Reflect on your relationship, its ups and downs, everything you’ve been through together as a couple … including covid. Find a special journal and jot down ideas that can eventually turn into your personalized wedding vows. After you’ve reflected and brainstormed, start getting specific and write out each promise or “vow” you’d like to make at your ceremony. Sometimes it’s fun to talk through these together too!

Download the Ultimate Wedding Checklist

With all the things you’re juggling, it’s very likely you may forget something on your wedding day. If you want to feel totally prepared, download my ultimate wedding day checklist to be sure you’ve got everything on lock.

10 Ways to Plan Your Wedding While in Quarantine

There you have it! Now you have 10 tangible ways to plan your wedding while in quarantine, so get to it! If you’d like to chat about photography, I would love to set up a zoom call with you, simply inquire here 🙂

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